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If you think that the title of this book is too good to be true, then you need to get a copy for yourself right now!

I’ve been living soccer my entire life, from playing as a young man to working in football around the world for over two decades, and to my current position in the U.S. Soccer Federation. I’ve seen the path that starts with childhood practices and leads directly to becoming an individual that makes their living by playing the beautiful game. I understand how they traveled this path, and I can show you what I’ve learned.

An ideal roadmap for prospects that are serious about football, this book is a great way for children as young as seven, teenagers, and parents to get introduced to the sport and culture surrounding it.


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I’ve watched thousands of individuals start training as children and go on to play for clubs, colleges, and professional teams all across the world. In my experience there are very predictable and consistent ways that motivated players can succeed, and I want to share those ways with you.

In this book you’ll find:

  • How to find college and university scholarships
  • Best methods for acing a university-level team tryout
  • How to find talent scouts
  • Guide to playing overseas at the youth and adult levels
  • How to directly contact major football clubs
  • Guidelines for successful training regimens at any level
  • The qualities of a good agent


The path to a life of professional soccer can be exciting, but it also comes with its pitfalls. As you read through the book, I’ll outline some of the things that could possibly derail your success. When you’re armed with knowledge, you’ll be able to focus on growing your talent and pursuing your passion. I’ll show you the pitfalls to watch out for, such as:

  • How to spot an unethical or unqualified agent
  • How to avoid being taken advantage of as a professional athlete
  • Dangerous habits that can interfere with your training regimen


If you or your child is serious about going from an average hobbyist to a successful, elite-level footballer, I’ll show you a roadmap that nobody else is offering. As an added bonus, after you’ve ordered this book, I’ll send you vital contact info for over 2,000 American and Canadian university coaches, giving you unparalleled access to some of the best talent around.


  1. Yinus Adekunle

    I have read the book on Road Map to a successful football career by Bayonle Arashi, it is very interesting and educative. it is really a ” ROAD MAP” as it analyses and enumerates the steps for the journey to a successful football career. The wordings are simple and easy to understand given the fact that most would-be professional players may not be highly educated and have the patience to read a very long passage as the book is less than 100 pages. I observed that there were no pictures of events as these could excite readers and make the book more enjoyable. I wish to recommend the book for not only football players but also administrators as it could be a good guide always. I congratulate Mr. Bayonle for a job well done.

  2. Ayanlade Boluwatife

    ROAD MAP TO SUCCESSFUL FOOTBALL CAREER is an insight of knowledge which will bring result when the principle stated are followed.
    I’m enlighten more on my football career success, I expect more of great books from the author soon.

  3. Beverley

    Bayonle is a seasoned professional in the football industry and cares a lot about the welfare of the players in the game. Which is rare in Africa. By writing this Very easy and simple guide he has shown his express commitment to Development of the game in Africa. I highly recommend it for coaches , clubs and their players. It gives you the basics and fundamental information needed to get started in football. Always remember to also seek legal professional advice. Well done Bayonle.

  4. Amos

    For everyone looking to play professional football or improve knowledge of the game, this is the right material for you. It practically touches on every aspect of how to navigate from the get go. It is also a resource that clearly explains how you can carefully toll the right path and never end up missing it. This is the simplest guide I have read about football career path and total understanding of how it works in the professional world. I would gladly recommend this book to anyone. Nicely done Bayonle.

  5. Ira

    This book is a necessary guide for aspiring sports talents all over the world. I enjoyed reading every bit of it and even though I’m not a player, I learnt a thing about sports management. I encourage young talents to save themselves the troubles by reading this well written and important piece. There couldn’t have been a better time to give this Mr. Bayonle.

  6. Tola Ogunlewe

    For youngsters aspiring to be professional footballers this is good book to get you started. It provides you with the basics you need to understand a part of the process. It’s explained in simple terms and you can read it in a few hours just like I did. With the right basics you have the right foundation to build on. I will certainly recommend that young aspiring footballers read this to add to their knowledge

    • bayonle arashi (verified owner)

      Thank you for your recommendation Tola. It means a lot.

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