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I’m Coming Back to the Screen

It’s been about 9 months since my last appearance on the screen producing and presenting any of my shows and Lord I missed it. This thought me a few lessons and made me realize the general saying that some people in your life that see and follow all your activities but never feel the need to offer any sort of encouragement with the word of support that you should keep going. They rather watch, not comment, not like or even use their platform to share your work. The truth I was not doing what I did for them but for me. I was doing my own part of sharing some positivity in this world where there are so much confusion and discouragement.

I have had people ask why I no longer produce any of my television shows, the last one was the sports segment I anchor on My Community Show with the last episode airing in December 2019. This has been due to a few things which I am unable to detail here but majorly it was due to loss of motivation, no sponsorship was forthcoming despite many efforts with advertising. You may say that should not be enough reason to stop but the truth is even the strongest people must learn to stop and walk away sometimes then come back and look at that project again and this time from a different angle. This was exactly what I have done.

Road Map on Epok Bookstore Nigeria
Road Map on Epok Bookstore Nigeria

You will agree the last 7 months of the year 2020 have shown us that nothing is guaranteed and tomorrow is not promised. I have however found a way to make something positive out of the year personally. The release of my best-selling book Road Map to a Successful Football Career is something I am proud of myself for, though it was a hard task, I managed to pull through and publish the book on Amazon and Epok bookstore selling the book in my home country of Nigeria. I have also just released the video course version of the book as promised in one of my previous blog for folks that cannot make the sacrifice to read an actual book. You can order and watch the course here now for a limited sales period at only $27. I also turned the big 40 this past June so I guess 2020 hasn’t been a bad year for me as I plan to double down on the hard work and reach for greater heights.


This is why the title of my blog this week comes in, I am coming back on your screen guys with a new broadcast which I titled Football+. The idea for the show was inspired after looking at what has been happening around the game of football in the last few months. Though most of the European elite leagues have managed to pull through the season without fans at the stadium. The show will have three segments which are key to keep the excitement of the beautiful game alive. They are Trending Topic, Motivation, and Career Advice.

I hope you will agree with me we all need some motivation in our lives at this period, the segment on career advice is very vital as we all know that the world changed in the year 2020 and it is better we all change with it or forgets about having any meaningful impact going forward. I will do my best each week to bring you something that will make you ask for more. The 3 segments will be covered in 10 to 15 minutes and it will air on some of the show I have segments on previously as well as my YouTube channel which I suggest you subscribe to if you have not already done that.

Stay tuned guys and see you again soon.


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  1. Gemen Ose

    Of course, everybody will buy into the idea that has value. In this context, it is what the show entails, *Trending Topic, Motivation and Career Advice.* These segments are highly valued by many people. I believe your return to the screen will be more successful.

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