Hire Bayonle Arashi

Hire Bayonle as a Broadcast or Football Consultant.

Having worked in the broadcast industry in the last 2 decades, 10 years behind the scene, starting as a transmitter operator in the era of analogue broadcasting to learning television production from camerawork to video editing, scripts editing, producing and directing of live events. The last 10 years has been more on the screen not leaving behind the hands on experience as a complete broadcaster.

I will love to work for your organization whether as a Studio Host, Producer or Play by Play commentator. I have been fortunate to travel the world covering the game I love as a consultant to top broadcasting organizations and I am always open to new opportunities.

Hire Bayonle to speak or as guest panelist at your event.

My life is filled with many stories of hope in the sight of destruction and getting back up after numerous fall and failure. As the first child of the family, growing up in a polygamous home in Nigeria wasn’t always easy, there was so much unhealthy competition, hatred and strife between the wives with my mum being the first. 

It was more difficult that my dad at that time didn’t understand we were watching and learning from every of his steps and actions towards my mum and my siblings. I did not experience anything called fatherly love as a child growing up because of my dad’s inhumane way of raising us. I will rather run for my life when he is coming back from work or travels rather than jumping into his arms. My dad has since changed to a better and more loving father after becoming a Christian and our relationship has gotten better. However the impact of his style of raising still triggers me as an adult and a parent myself and I have since promised to be a better dad to my daughters and son and to every child that comes my way in life. The loss of my younger brother in January 2016 due to negligence on the part of my dad and the unfortunate health system in Nigeria further strengthened my determination to share my story with the hope that it will inspire other parents and young generation coming up.

I will love to come speak at your event, share my story and experience as well as motivate the young generation that whatever they dream of is possible and not ever let their environment or upbringing define them.

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