Roadmap To A Successful Football Career

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If you are serious about going from an average hobbyist to a successful, elite-level football
(soccer) player, this course shows you a roadmap that nobody else is offering.
I’ve been living soccer my entire life, from playing as a young man to working in football around
the world for over two decades, and to my current position in the U.S. Soccer Federation. I’ve
seen the path that starts with childhood practices and leads directly to becoming an individual
that makes their living by playing the beautiful game. I understand how they traveled this path,
and I can show you what I’ve learned.
The course is an ideal roadmap for prospects that are serious about football (soccer); it’s a great
way for children as young as seven, teenagers, and parents to get introduced to the sport and
culture surrounding it.
I’ve watched thousands of individuals start training as children and go on to play for clubs,
colleges, and professional teams all across the world. In my experience there are very predictable
and consistent ways that motivated players can succeed, and I want to share those ways with


  •  In this course you’ll find:
  • How to find college and university scholarships to study and play
  • Best methods for acing a university-level team tryout
  • How to find talent scouts
  • Guide to playing overseas at the youth and adult levels
  • How to directly contact major football clubs
  • Guidelines for successful training regimens at any level
  • The qualities of a good agent
  • The path to a life of professional soccer can be exciting, but it also comes with its pitfalls. As you
    read through the book, I’ll outline some of the things that could possibly derail your success.
    When you’re armed with knowledge, you’ll be able to focus on growing your talent and pursuing
    your passion. I’ll show you the pitfalls to watch out for, such as:
  • How to spot an unethical or unqualified agent
  • How to avoid being taken advantage of as a professional athlete
  • Dangerous habits that can interfere with your training regimen

At the end of the course, you will have direct access to my counseling and guidance towards your
path in getting a college scholarship to play and study in America or Canada as well as ways you
can get a tryout offer from a professional football club without paying any fee. YES I MEAN IT.


And as an added bonus, after you’ve ordered this course, I’ll send you vital contact info for over 2,000 American
and Canadian university coaches, professional football club scouts and agents giving you
unparalleled access to the right people in the industry.


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