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A Taste of Burnout or What?

Since the launch of my book Road Map to a Successful Football Career that was released and published on Amazon in April, It’s been a lot of work and new ways of thinking in other to get the book to the audience that I am sure are in need of it. My target audience are kids from age 7 as well as teenagers. The reason for this as regards children from that is because that is the age most of them are being introduced to the game by either their parents or other family members that might be a huge fan of the game of football. For the teenagers, it is the point when their level of curiosity goes very high as they want to know become the next Messi or Ronaldo.

Summarily, these age categories are the most of any population in every country of the world as of today. Enough of the statistics yeah’

My blog this week is to share some of the struggles as well as mental exhaustion I have encountered since the book launch. I have been privileged to be given a TV interview on ARISE Television in Nigeria, you can watch the short interview here, I have also gotten some supports from my friends in the online media to write and feature the book on their platforms however the sales of the book has not been as impressive as I am envisaging or maybe I am just too ambitious as always. One thing is for sure though, there’s a huge market share for this book.

In between all of these promotional efforts on the book, I still have to give my full attention to my job as a state of Texas correctional officer as many of you know that the world is still battling with the COVID-19 pandemic and now is a more challenging time to be a CO as the general public calls us. Most units across the state are on lockdown. I was temporarily reassigned to the maximum unit in Beaumont from 17th to 22nd of May which is part of what I signed up for, when duty calls you must yield the call. You might not be aware of this before now but my job is listed as one of the hardest and most stressful jobs in America. If you do not have a very strong personality, I will advise you to look for something else but the truth is I love helping people and it has helped to increase my leadership capability so it’s been a bittersweet experience.

I returned home on the weekend of 22nd May and had to continue work and promotion of my book. Then during the following week during one of my early morning home workouts which is all you can do now since the gyms are still not fully opened. My workout contains 50 burpees, 100 squats, 3 minutes plank, and 100 push-ups. There comes this weird feeling that came over me. I can’t remember the last time I was that weak, extremely tired, and overwhelmed. I was suddenly angry up to my soul, wasn’t hungry and it continued till my off days finished and I showed up to work in the last week of May like that. At the end of that day, I decided to go see the doctor and find out what the hell is going with me. This was not before I have had a disagreement with my supervisor at work for something that maybe I should have been able to control and react to in a different way. My last second visit to the doctor was earlier today June 1 and both doctors confirmed all I need is rest so I am asking how do you rest when you have all of this many challenges lined up in front of you.

Now to you my readers, what do you do to get out of burnout?

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